SweGaN announces participation in ALL2GAN EU project

Linköping, Sweden, May 24, 2023: SweGaN is excited to announce its participation in the ALL2GAN EU project focused on easily integrated energy-saving chips made of gallium nitride.

-“In this groundbreaking project, SweGaN plans to further develop its proprietary QuanFINE, GaN on SiC materials, for D-mode and E-mode 1200V power devices with its partners,” says Jr-Tai Chen, CEO at SweGaN.

Gallium nitride chips boost energy efficiency and reduce CO 2 emissions. They have the potential to improve energy efficiency by 30 percent in a wide range of applications and thus save an extrapolated 218 million tons of CO 2 worldwide. (Quoted from Infineon press release)

The research project “ALL2GaN” (Affordable smart GaN IC solutions for greener applications), led by Infineon Austria, brings together 45 partners from twelve countries with a total budget of around 60 million euros. The aim is to fully exploit the energy-saving potential of highly efficient power semiconductors made of the semiconductor material gallium nitride (GaN), to integrate them easily and quickly into many applications, and thus to reduce emissions. (Quoted from Infineon press release)

Sweden brings strong participation to the project headed by Ericsson, RISE Research Institutes of SwedenChalmers University of TechnologySweGaN AB and AlixLabs.

Link to Infineon press release and press conference in Villach, Austria:  Green, Digital Transformation: Infineon Launches EU Projects for Power Electronics and Artificial Intelligence – Infineon Technologies