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SweGaN is a producer of GaN-on-SiC epiwafers. We are devoted to supply customized high performance material to give to our customers competitive advantages. SweGaN was originally founded by a group of researchers at Linköping University. We have expertise in both GaN and SiC. We deliver our material to integrated device manufacturer and SweGaN’s Gallium Nitride is also available at leading foundries.

Our vision is to build a relationship based on mutual trust and constant dialogue with our customers in order to define and produce the epi-wafers that best suit their needs and enable their technologies. We pair our strong customer focus with a commitment to preserve the environment and particularly to reduce energy consumption, at every stage of the products’ life.

Our devotion to consistently improving our products and services enables our customers to achieve their ambitions.

We will always honor our commitments regarding quality, delivery time, and environmental impact, which can only be realized through continual improvement of the Quality and Environment Management System.

SweGaN’s Quality and Environment Management System has been ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified in March 2018.

As originally founded by a group of researchers at Linköping University, SweGaN is keeping up a strong research and development intent. We are eager to develop new technology and to empower innovation for our partners and customers. By doing so continuously partake and collaborate with leading universities and scientists.

Meet our board

Jonas Nilsson
External CEO

Agneta Franksson - Chairman of the Board

Agneta Franksson

Jr-Tai Chen
Board member

Vanya Darakchieva
Board member

Richard Weil
Board member

Sylvain Delage
Board member


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583 30 Linköping

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