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COVID-19 Update

SweGaN closely monitors the developing COVID-19 pandemic. We are continuing to run our operations largely as normal with close to full capacity. For some time now we have taken measures to ensure the safety and health of our employees and collaborators. These measures have included restrictive travel policies, enabling remote working and the provision of regular updates on our measures taken as a result of the dynamic and emerging situation.

We remain fully committed to deliver and satisfy the needs of our clients – thank you for your continued partnership.

Stay safe,
Olof Kordina, CEO
On behalf of the SweGaN Team



SweGaN develops high quality, custom-made epitaxial wafers and materials based on robust GaN technology for manufacturers of leading components and devices for satellite, communications and defense organizations. The ground-breaking performance of SweGaN QuanFINE® technology and materials enables our customers to quickly adapt to the evolving challenges of next generation high power, high frequency devices and create future-oriented solutions. SweGaN offers expert consulting services encompassing device performance and testing materials processing to guide our customers in further developing processing technology.

Our vision is cultivating positive environmental impact and reducing energy consumption through high performance, competitively priced SweGaN materials. We envision a SweGaN contribution that will help enable a universal 5G or even XG network for providing Internet for all.

An illuminated wafer
Photo of measuring band


We believe that every customer is unique. Therefore, we will go with you every step of the way to design, customize and then produce the wafer you need. Our experience of GaN materials will allow us to determine what really fits your devices and how to get the best out of them.

Based in the heart technology hub of Linköping, Sweden, SweGaN’s close collaboration with renowned technology schools, Linköping University and Chalmers University of Technology, furnish us to tap additional world-class research, passion for development and resources to rapidly develop future-oriented group III-V GaN on SiC materials, devices and services.


Picture of Olof Kordina

Olof Kordina

Founder and CEO

Picture of Jr-Tai Chen

Jr-Tai Chen

Founder and CTO

Picture of Agneta Franksson

Agneta Franksson

Chairman of the Board

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Ulla Ljungqvist

Office Manager


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