AlGaN back barrier

Novel Structure

GaN epi-wafer high electron mobility transistor structures with an AlGaN back-barrier improve electron confinement – extremelyy important for telecommunication devices operating at very high frequencies, above 40 GHz. Thus, the already highly competitive QuanFINE structure that we can provide to our customers takes another step to achieve excellence when combined with our AlGaN back-barrier, pushing the performance limits of telecommunication devices even further.

The AlGaN back barrier technology is a further enhancement of SweGaN’s proprietary QuanFINE structure. Please contact us for more information on our AlGaN back barrier technology

  • Enhanced carrier confinement for RF devices

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Available options

Our epi-wafers come with flexibility, you are able to mix and match according to your needs. You can find information about the typical quality of our generic product types below. Please contact us for more information on our customization services.



SiC wafer size Diameter Thickness
4″ 100 mm 500 um
6″ 150 mm 500 um
Barrier Thickness Composition (Al%) Sheet resistance, Rs Mobility, μs
AlGaN 8 – 30 nm 15 – 35 % 250 – 400 ohm/sq ≥ 2000 cm2/Vs
InAl(Ga)N 4 – 8 nm 83 – 89 % 200 – 350 ohm/sq ≥ 1700 cm2/Vs
AlN 3 – 5 nm ≥ 50 % 280 – 250 ohm/sq ≥ 1500 cm2/Vs