SweGaN Unveils New Tagline

May 14th, 2024: Reflecting SweGaN’s ongoing expansion, SweGaN is undergoing a transformation. Following the introduction of our new logo in October 2023, we are thrilled to announce a new tagline which marks our identity and our vision as a GaN material manufacturer.

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Power in the Layers

Central to the creation of powerful semiconductor devices, the inherited material properties in each layer of gallium nitride transistor structures form the foundation on which device performance is established. We believe the material holds vast untapped potential – awaiting discovery, enhancement, and utilization through advanced engineering. Our mission is to harness tremendous power of GaN, releasing the material’s full potential and empowering our customers to pioneer and innovate the next generation of high power, high frequency semiconductors.

The power is in the layers

More than 50% of semiconductor device performance depends on the base material, emphasizes, Jr-Tai Chen, CEO and Founder, SweGaN. Unique expertise is required to release and manage that tremendous power and is pivotal in developing high quality epitaxial wafers. We are dedicated to this mission.”

SweGaN invites you to follow our continued journey as we grow and evolve in the global semiconductor market.