Production Technician

Company Background:

  • SweGaN is a European semiconductor manufacturer that develops and produces customer-made materials and high-performance gallium nitride epitaxial wafers for manufacturers of leading components and devices. SweGaN products are used for a wide array of applications including 5G telecommunications infrastructure, defense radars, satellite communications, EVs, high voltage power switches and more. SweGaN’s benchmark QuanFINE® epitaxial growth technology increases performance of RF and power devices and reduces energy consumption.

  • With headquarters in the technology hub of Linköping, Sweden, SweGaN cultivates close collaboration with renowned research groups at Linköping University and Chalmers University of Technology.

  • 20 employees.

Position Summary:

As a Production Technician your role would include routine characterizations for production as well as assisting equipment maintenance, daily check and monitoring. You will prepare for wafer cleaning and packaging and contribute to lab cleanness and maintenance. The individual in this position will report to Production Manager and is responsible for a number of specific tasks as outlined below under responsibilities.


  • Daily production operation: Prepare wafer and hardware, load and run production tool.
  • Wafer Characterization: Perform characterization and/or inspections on a daily basis (e.g. optical microscope inspections, electrical measurement, X-ray diffraction measurement).
  • Characterizations include Thickness Mapping, Sheet Resistance Measurement, LEI Measurement, Capacitance-Voltage measurement, Optical Microscopy, X-ray diffractometry, Atomic Force Microscopy.
  • Note: most of the measurement tools are operated in a semi-automatic fashion.
  • Monitors and records hardware and equipment conditions for daily
  • Calibrate equipment on the basis of required
  • Assist in the maintenance of hardware and
  • Preparation of clean substrate for production and R&D
  • Wafer cleaning and
  • Lab cleanness and maintenance.
  • Data entry and wafer flow management in MES system.
  • Support XRD data simulations.
  • Support production scheduling and prioritization of daily tasks.


  • Bachelor’s degree. Education in Science or technology.
  • English professional working proficiency.
  • Strong commitment and sense of responsibility to excellence, attention to detail, and meticulous hand handling.
  • Ability to develop effective working relationships with staff, peers, and industry colleagues/ contacts in a team environment.
  • Able to work with various cultures/backgrounds.
  • Demonstrated flexibility in adapting to a wide variety of tasks and functions.
  • B driving licence. 

Application Deadline: April 19th

Application Process:

  • Please reference job title in the subject line and ensure contact name and e-mail are provided in the CV.

Please send applications to