GaN-on-SiC semiconductor manufacturer SweGaN boosts leadership – introduces new CFO and R&D Manager

Linköping, Sweden, January 16, 2024: SweGaN AB, a European semiconductor manufacturer that develops and produces custom-made Gallium Nitride on Silicon Carbide (GaN-on-SiC) epitaxial wafers, announces the introduction of CFO Stefan Axelsson, and R&D Manager Anders Lundskog. Axelsson will join the executive management team, and Lundskog has come on board in a new R&D role. Both joined SweGaN the first week of January 2024.

(Link to Swedish version of press release)

Jr-Tai Chen, CEO and Co-founder of SweGaN, “We are excited to kick-off 2024 with the addition of two new key team members. With significant interest in SweGaN GaN-on-SiC epitaxial solutions for RF and power components, and aligned with growth projections, the company is proactive in securing resources and competence to capture a major share of the global GaN market.

The company has previously engaged seasoned consultants for guidance in a number of fields. Moving to add permanent key management positions further positions SweGaN for fully embracing its scale-up strategy, new KPI’s, investor expectations and achieving ambitious innovation goals.

– “As SweGaN enters its next phases of growth, Stefan will provide needed expertise in financial reporting, strategic planning, cash flow management, cost control and risk-management, to name a few key domains,” continues Chen. “Additionally, he will furnish expert guidance during fundraising, as well as comprehensive numbers-driven decision-making to make SweGaN more resilient and competitive.”

– “Tapping unique experience from Saab and Infineon, Anders’ objectives for the new R&D role will be to foster creativity & IT security, drive innovation research, and help SweGaN achieve and maintain a competitive edge.” “I believe his track-record and enthusiasm will be valuable to our team and technology endeavors.”


About Stefan Axelsson
Joining the SweGaN team on January 2nd, Stefan brings extensive experience within corporate treasury, banking, alternative assets, and investment management – and broad industry background including powerhouses SEB, , SAAB and Volvo.

About Anders Lundskog
With an impressive background in process development for GaN materials at Infineon and system engineering from Saab, Anders brings highly valuable experience to the SweGaN technical team. He holds a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Materials Science, and Master of Science (MSc), Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering, from Linköping University of Technology.

SweGaN growth trajectory
Spurred by significant interest in volume orders from major customers, in 2023 SweGaN announced the construction of a new production facility in Linköping Sweden to embrace global demand – with prognosis for production is Q1 2024. SweGaN’s strategy is closely aligned with the accelerated global demands for GaN-on-SiC epiwafers used in 5G telecommunications infrastructure, defense radars, satellite communications and high voltage power switches.

About SweGaN

SweGaN provides unique solutions for GaN-on-SiC epiwafers based on its groundbreaking epitaxial growth technology for the manufacturers of RF devices used in applications of telecom, defense, satellite communications. The high performance of SweGaN QuanFINE® material enables our customers to quickly adapt to the evolving challenges of next-generation high power and high frequency devices, and to create future-oriented solutions. For more information, visit us as and LinkedIn.

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