SweGaN produces GaN on SiC with unique properties that will transform the high power, high frequency market.

About SweGaN

Our vision is to be a world leading supplier of nitride based HEMT structures. By integrating SweGaN´s technology into every single epitaxial wafer we deliver, we believe that your devices with will fulfill all demands required in next generation's high power and high frequency devices.

SweGaN's founders all come from Linköping University and have more than 50 man-years experience in growth and characterization of GaN and SiC materials.

SweGaN is in a highly expansive phase and we are always looking for skilled and very focused individuals with large experience in the field. If you are interested in working in a challenging and dynamic atmosphere please send us an e-mail.



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Hot-Wall MOCVD

SweGaN uses an in-house developed, not commercialized, nitride process developed in a Hot-Wall MOCVD reactor. This technology is inherited from Linköping Univerisity's successful development of both SiC and III/V materials over the past 25 years. The Hot-Wall concept allows growth of very high quality AlN nucleation layers with extremely low Thermal Boundary Resistance (TBR).

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Ultra-low Thermal Boundary Resistance (TBR)

The ultra-low TBR technique can largely reduce the heat accumulation in the GaN-SiC interfacial region, especially when the HEMT device is operating at elevated temperature. The conventional TBR in the GaN-SiC interfacial region could cause up to ~40% additional temperature rise of the transistor channel temperature. By introducing the ultra-low TBR technique, we can decrease the additional temperature rise to a negligible level. Thanks to the outstanding structural quality of the thin AlN nucleation layer, the regional thermal conductivities are thus significantly improved.

Picture of nucleus

Isotope enriched SiC (ISOSiC)

One of the biggest challenges with power RF devices is the device reliability. By reducing the operational temperature by 25 degrees C, the lifetime is increased by a factor of ten. Using ISOSiC substrates the thermal conductivity of the entire device structure can be enhanced by up to 25%, i.e. lowering the device temperature and thereby increasing the device reliability. This technology is still under development and may be introduced as a product at a later stage.


State-of-the-art structural quality of GaN

The excellent structural quality of GaN epitaxial layers grown by SweGaN’s high-temperature process typically exhibits the X-ray rocking curve of GaN (102) peak below 150 arcsec, and threading dislocation density in the low 108 cm-2 regime confirmed by TEM analysis. This is the best GaN crystalline quality in the class, which not only guarantees the GaN robustness but also reduces possibility of device failure due to structural defects.

Management Team

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Founder and CEO

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Founder and CTO


New Products.

December 2nd, 2016.

SweGaN AB introduces InAlN/GaN and InAlGaN/GaN HEMT structures on SiC substrates as new products. Both these products exhibit record high channel mobility of over 2000 cm2/Vs and excellent morphology. The new structures are interesting for very high frequency applications where a high-power density is required.

Mount Wilson Ventures invests in SweGaN AB.

October 1st, 2016.

Mount Wilson Ventures, a Los Angeles based venture firm specializing in hard-tech, early start companies, invests into SweGaN AB. SweGaN will use the investment to scale up the operation.

Kick off for EUGaNIC.

February 9th, 2016.

The European Defense Administration projects EUGaNIC aiming to establish a European supply chain for GaN-based devices kicked off in February 2016. SweGaN participates in this project along with several leading companies, universities, and research institutes. The project runs for four years.

SweGaN is awarded a Horizon2020 sme instrument phase 1 grant.

June 16th, 2016.

SweGaN’s project ELeGaNS is funded under a Horizon2020 sme instrument phase 1 call for space applications. The score on the application was 14.39 out of 15 possible. The funds will be used for verification of the space market and developing targeted technology.

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Mats Andersson is elected Chairman of the board.

December 21st, 2015.

At SweGaN’s annual meeting, Mats Andersson was elected chairman of the board replacing Dr. Olof Kordina as chairman. Dr. Kordina will remain on the board as ordinary board member and as CEO of SweGaN. Mats Andersson has extensive experience at Ericsson, Huawei and Ruag Space. He was also the CEO of Bluetest AB, a fledgling startup from Chalmers University, bringing the company into profitability.


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