Future GaN technology

Because of the increasing demand for semiconductor devices with high energy efficiency, whenever silicon based devices reach their limits, Gallium Nitride (GaN) based semiconductors are promising candidates enabling much higher switching frequencies together with highest energy conversion efficiencies. The UltimateGaN project consists of 26 partners from 9 European countries striving to provide the first generation of European GaN-devices. The target is to overcome some of the major societal challenges in the fields of digitalisation, energy efficiency and mobility of the future. .

UltimateGaN illustration
Photo of the SweGaN contribution

SweGaN contribution

SweGaN’s role is to develop a cost-efficient, high voltage GaN-on-SiC power device based on our novel QuanFINE ™ structure. The main contribution will be to deliver QuanFINE ™ material into the project for further processing by RISE. We will also develop cost efficient methods to produce SiC substrates.