We know that every application is different and we understand how important it is to optimize materials for the target application. We will therefore always focus on your needs to help you design, develop, and adapt the materials structure that fits your vision of device performance.

You can find information about the typical quality of our generic product types below. Please contact us for more information on our customization services.

Wafer size is up to 100 mm, with a special growth service on quarter 100 mm substrates for reduced price.

Picture of wafer


Buffer Device Performance
C-doped High breakdown voltage
Fe-doped High power density
AlGaN back barrier Enhanced carrier confinement for RF devices
QuanFINE™ High power density
Ultra-low thermal resistance
Excellent carrier confinement for RF devices
Extraordinary high breakdown voltage for power devices
Barrier Thickness Composition (Al %) Sheet resistance, Rs Mobility, μs
AlGaN 8 - 35 nm 20 - 35 % 250 - 400 ohm/sq > 2000 cm2/Vs
InAIN 5 - 8 nm 83 - 85 % 200 - 250 ohm/sq > 1800 cm2/Vs
InAlGaN Contact us for further information


Template Crystalline quality
GaN XRC of GaN (102) < 300 arcsec


On top of our quality assurance, which includes thickness and sheet resistance measurement, executed on every shipped wafer, SweGaN can perform additional checks. This includes X-Ray diffraction, photoluminescence and cathodoluminescence spectroscopy, particle mapping, capacitance-voltage profiling, mobility and free charge carrier concentration measurement, and atomic force microscopy. These extra measurements are carried out by qualified staff and will help you get additional information about the quality and performance of our epi-wafers.


As a spin-off from Linköping University, SweGaN has kept a very strong interest in research and development projects. We are always eager to develop new technology and to empower innovation for our partners and customers. That is why we also offer research and development services, and we are always enthusiastic about participating in exciting research projects!


Working in many partnerships, we have over the years developed a solid know-how regarding simple device processing. We have access to a state-of-the-art clean room for high-frequency devices, so we can surely help with your device development needs. Because we believe that our materials will never perform better than in a device we have designed together with our customers.