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SweGaN’s GaN epitaxy pave the way for efficient power circuits
(Swegans GaN-epitaxi bäddar för effektiva kraftkretsar)

November 27th, 2019.Anna Wennberg, Elektroniktidningen.

“Linköpingsföretaget Swegan har utvecklat ett basmaterial för tillverkning av effektiva rf-kretsar i galliumnitrid. Nu har företaget tillsammans med forskare vid Linköpings universitet och en fransk forskargrupp konstaterat att materialkombinationen även kan ge kraftkomponenter som tål mycket höga fältstyrkor…”

“Linköping company Swegan has developed a base material for producing efficient RF circuits in gallium nitride. Now the company, together with researchers at Linköping University and a French research group, has found that the combination of materials can also provide power components that can withstand very high field strengths…”

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Next-Gen GaN-on-SiC Power Devices from New Epi Growth Mechanism

November 26th, 2019.PowerPulse.Net.

SweGaN AB has collaborated with top scientists from Linköping University in Sweden and The Institute of Electronics, Microelectronics and Nanotechnology (IEMN), a French research group dedicated to high power devices, and has developed new epitaxial growth mechanism, Transmorphic Heteroepitaxy, for producing next generation gallium-nitride on silicon-carbide (GaN-on-SiC) power electronics.

Illustrated above, GaN and AlN epitaxial layers grown by SweGaN’s high-temperature process exhibit excellent structural quality. Typically, the threading dislocation density in the GaN layer is in low 108cm-2 regime and the AlN nucleation layer is free of grain boundaries. This is the best structural quality in the class, which not only guarantees the GaN robustness but also dramatically reduces the risk of device failure due to the structural defects...”

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Hybrid GaN-on-SiC wafers boost for power devices

November 26th, 2019.Nick Flaherty, eeNews Power.

“SweGaN's hybrid GaN-on-SiC material promises significant power savings in electric vehicles, charging stations and photovoltaic (PV) solar inverters
European researchers have developed a hybrid GaN-on-SiC wafer technology that builds gallium nitride on a silicon carbide substrate for higher performance power devices.
SweGaN in Linköping, Sweden, worked with Linköping University and IEMN in France on the technique, called Transmorphic Heteroepitaxy. This grows an atomic ‘interlayer’ less than 1nm thick with ordered vacancies to accommodate the lattice mismatch between the two materials…”

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Breakthrough for GaN on SiC
(Genombrott för GaN på SiC)

November 25th, 2019.Gunnar Lilliesköld, Elektronik i Norden.

“A team from SweGaN, IEMN and Linköping University has made a breakthrough when it comes to producing epiwafers with GaN on SiC for power components.
SweGaN, together with Linköping University and the French research group IEMN, have developed a new mechanism for epitaxial growth. It has been named "Transmorphic heteroepitaxi". An important contribution to the development came from the EU Horizon 2020, no. 823260…”

“Ett team från SweGaN, IEMN och Linköpings universitet har gjort ett genombrott när det gäller att producera epiwafers med GaN på SiC för effektkomponenter.
SweGaN har tillsammans med Linköpings universitet och den franska forskargruppen IEMN utvecklat en ny mekanism för epitaxiell tillväxt. Den har fått namnet ”Transmorphic heteroepitaxi”. Ett viktigt ekonomiskt tillskott till processen står EU Horizon 2020 för, nr 823260…”

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New Hybrid GaN SiC Material Shows Power Saving Promise

November 25th, 2019.Compound Semiconductor.

“SweGaN AB, a manufacturer of custom-made GaN-on-SiC epitaxial wafers, based on epitaxal growth technology, for components and devices has announced a new development.

SweGaN collaborated with scientists from Linköping University in Sweden and IEMN, a French research group, unveiling a new epitaxial growth mechanism, Transmorphic Heteroepitaxy, for producing next generation GaN-on-SiC power devices…”

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SweGaN, IEMN and Linköping University unveil Transmorphic Heteroepitaxy GaN-on-SiC growth process for power devices

November 25th, 2019.Semiconductor Today.

“A project funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program has contributed to custom gallium nitride on silicon carbide (GaN-on-SiC) epitaxial wafer manufacturer SweGaN AB of Linköping, Sweden collaborating with Linköping University and IEMN (a French research group dedicated to high-power devices) to develop the new epitaxial growth mechanism Transmorphic Heteroepitaxy for producing next-generation GaN-on-SiC power devices (‘Transmorphic Epitaxial Growth of AlN Nucleation Layers on SiC Substrates for High-Breakdown Thin GaN Transistors’, Applied Physics Letters, vol115, no22, 25 November 2019)...”

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Global GaN, SiC semi market to grow at 50% CAGR through 2026

October 17th, 2019.Spencer Chin, FierceElectronics.

“Silicon Carbide (SiC) and Gallium Nitride (GaN) power devices offer performance advantages for high-efficiency and high-power density applications, and demand for these devices is expected to boom. According to a study from Research N Reports, the market for SiC and GaN devices will grow at a 50% CAGR through 2026, reaching $35.8 billion…

Key players in this market, according to the study, include Alpha and Omega Semiconductor, Fuji Electric Co., Ltd, Infineon Technologies AG, Littelfuse, Inc., Microsemi, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Renesas Electronics Corporation, Rohm Semiconductor, Sanken Electric Co.,Ltd., STMicroelectronics, Epiluvac, IQE PLC, Transphorm Inc., SweGaN, Saint-Gobain, GeneSiC Semiconductor Inc., Sublime Technologies, Global Power Technologies Group, Daco Semiconductor Co.,Ltd., AGC Inc., DuPont and Dow. and WeEn Semiconductors...”

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"Soft finance" lifts the technology company
(”Mjuk finansiering” lyfter teknikbolaget)

September 3rd, 2019.Henrik Lenngren, Dagens Industri.

"With one foot in the world of science and the other in the entrepreneur's everyday life, Olof Kordina has been given a spin on the technology development company SweGaN's growth. Yet he is concerned.
"Much of the money comes from soft financing. It's time to stand on our own legs, "he says...“

“Med en fot i vetenskapens värld och den andra i entreprenörens vardag har Olof Kordina fått snurr på teknikutvecklingsbolaget Swegans tillväxt. Ändå är han orolig.
”Mycket av slantarna kommer från mjuk finansiering. Det är dags att stå på egna ben”, säger han...”

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The pride of Taiwan in Sweden! An R&D team, producing a revolutionary semiconductor material, led by Jr-Ted Chen.
(台灣之光在瑞典! 陳志泰團隊研發出革命性半導體材料)

July 6th, 2019.Hui Ju Chien, Liberty Times. 簡惠茹,自由時報。

"Dr. Jr-Tai Chen from Taiwan has made a revolutionary breakthrough in the field of semiconductor materials. His team employs a unique epitaxy technology to manufacture gallium nitride (GaN) on silicon carbide (SiC) substrates, with a defect density 100 to 1000 times lower than the ones manufactured by the traditional method, and that can withstand high voltages of more than 1500 volts with a total epilayer thickness 20 times thinner than that of the conventional ones. This breakthrough has been featured in the journal of Applied Physics Letters. Additionally, the semiconductor company he co-founds, SweGaN AB, was named one of the 33 start-ups with the most potential in Sweden this year by Swedish media…“

"來自台灣的陳志泰博士為全球半導體材料帶來革命性突破,研究團隊以獨特的磊晶技術,製造氮化鎵成長於碳化矽基板這項材料,缺陷比傳統方式減少100到1000倍、總磊晶層厚度薄20倍,可承受電壓可達1500伏特以上,研究除了登上國際期刊Applied Physics Letters,他與瑞典教授共同創辦的半導體材料公司SweGaN AB,今年被瑞典媒體評選為瑞典33大最具潛力新創公司...“

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"It's the finest technology list in Sweden“
(”Det är den finaste tekniklistan i Sverige”)

May 24th, 2019.Anna Orring och Peter Ottsjö, Ny Teknik.

"Now the 33 list 2019 has been selected. On Thursday all companies selected for this year's list were gathered. Last week we presented which companies are on the 33 list for 2019...
– It feels a bit scary to be here, but also really good. Now we will take advantage of this momentum and start dialogue with investors, says Olof Kordina, CEO and co-founder... "

"Nu har 33-listan 2019 gått i mål. På torsdagen samlades alla bolag som har valts ut till årets lista. I förra veckan presenterade vi vilka bolag som är med på 33-listan 2019...
– Det känns lite skakigt att vara här, men också riktigt bra. Nu ska vi utnyttja detta momentum och få igång dialog med investerare, säger Olof Kordina, vd och medgrundare..."

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Three Östergötland companies on the 33 list
(Tre östgötaföretag på 33-listan)

May 14th, 2019. Ulrik Svedin,

"LINKÖPING is now represented in the 33 list, a desirable top list of Sweden's hottest, young start-up companies. Three companies from the Östergötland County are listed this year. Since 2008, the publication Ny Teknik och Affärsvärlden (New Tech and Business) has annually awarded Sweden's 33 hottest young technology companies. Over the years, the list has become a concept and an important award for start-ups in the technology industry... "

"LINKÖPING Nu presenteras 33-listan, en åtråvärd topplista över Sveriges hetaste, unga startup-bolag. Hela tre östgötabolag finns med i år. Det är tidningarna Ny Teknik och Affärsvärlden som sedan 2008 årligen korat Sveriges 33 hetaste unga teknikbolag. Genom åren har listan blivit ett begrepp och en betydelsefull utmärkelse för uppstartsföretag inom teknikbranschen... "

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Small Swedish start-up will save 5g networks with unique technology
(Liten svensk startup ska rädda 5g-näten – med unik teknik)

May 13th, 2019. Peter Ottsjö, Ny Teknik.

"This little Linköping company has a Nobel laureate as a customer. When you hear what SweGaN can do for the semiconductor industry – and the coming 5G networks – it's not hard to understand. "We can deliver a hundred times more data for the same energy," the founder promises... "

"Det här lilla Linköpings-bolaget har en Nobelpristagare som kund. När man hör vad Swegan kan göra för halvledarindustrin – och de kommande 5g-näten – är det inte svårt att förstå. ”Vi kan leverera hundra gånger mer data för samma energi”, lovar grundaren..."

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Here are all the winners on the 33-list 2019
(Här är alla vinnarna på 33-listan 2019)

May 2019.Ny Teknik redaktionen, Ny Teknik.

"After Ny Teknik (New Technology) reviewed over 400 companies, 33 of the candidates have now earned their place on this year's 33-list for Sweden's hottest start-ups...
The companies behind these innovations are all on the 33 list, where Ny Teknik och Affärsvärlden (New Tech and Business) gather Sweden's 33 most interesting young technology companies – this year for the twelfth year in a row... "

"Efter att Ny Teknik granskat över 400 bolag har nu 33 av kandidaterna tagit plats på årets 33-lista för Sveriges hetaste startups...
Företagen bakom de här innovationerna är alla med på 33-listan, där Ny Teknik och Affärsvärlden samlar Sveriges 33 mest intressanta unga teknikbolag – i år för tolfte året i rad..."

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Thin gallium nitride on silicon carbide high-power and high-frequency electronics

September 27th, 2018. Mike Cooke, Semiconductor today.

"Researchers based in Sweden have developed thinner III-nitride structures on silicon carbide (SiC) with a view to high-power and high-frequency thin high-electron-mobility transistors (T-HEMTs) and other devices [Jr-Tai Chen et al, Appl. Phys. Lett., vol113, p041605, 2018]…"

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New Thin GaN Structure on SiC Improves RF Performance

August 20th, 2018. Pat Hindle, Microwave Journal.

"SweGaN is a spin-off from Linköping University that recently announced a new GaN-on-SiC HEMT heterostructure, QuanFINE ™, built on the concept of a GaN−SiC hybrid material that combines the high-electron-velocity thin GaN with the high-breakdown bulk SiC…"

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SweGaN is the world best at GaN epitaxy
(Swegan är världsbäst på GaN-epitaxi)

November 8th, 2017. Anna Wennberg, Elektronik Tidningen.

"Linköping company Swegan manufactures material that is the basis for RF circuits in gallium nitride. On top of silicon carbide discs, the company builds GaN structure provides gets higher quality than its competitors. The telecom and the space industries can benefit from expertise. "

"Linköpingsföretaget Swegan tillverkar material som är bas för rf-kretsar i galliumnitrid. Ovanpå kiselkarbidskivor bygger företaget sin GaN-struktur som får högre kvalitet än konkurrenternas. Telekom och rymdindustrin påstås kunna dra nytta av expertisen. Närmast står en uppskalning på agendan..."

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SweGaN Strengthens Position With New Share Issue

September 26th, 2017.Compound Semiconductor.

"SweGaN, a Swedish manufacturer of custom-made epitaxial wafers of group III-nitrides, has raised close to $750,000 through a summer investment round…"

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