A Swedish impulse

Sweden shelters various innovative companies whose devices and systems are based on the cutting-edge semiconductor technology. In order to maintain their competitiveness, they converged in one unique platform funded by Vinnova: The Centre for III-nitride technology (C3NiT). Together, industrial and scientific partners will pursue researches further, tackling current issues, and allowing constant improvements in high-frequency and power electronics.

Photo of the c3nit logo and vinnova logo
Photo of a wafer

SweGaN contribution

Since its launch early 2018, SweGaN have been collaborating in C3NiT side by side with the other 11 industrial and academic partners. SweGaN participates in various ways, mainly providing an in-kind support to the program.

Our long-standing relationships with several partners has helped to speed up the platform’s initiation, and to forge them deeper. It is also a privilege to work closer to major players in the semiconductor industry, which have become considerable collaborators.