Photo of a processed wafer
Photo courtesy of United Monolithic Semiconductors


High-power and high-frequency devices are facing efficiency challenges that need to be addressed in a world where energy consumption is a continuous concern. Our game-changing heat dissipation capabilities and high output power will thus bring decisive advantages to your components.


Facing extreme conditions in space where maintenance operations are almost impossible, satellite components have to be very robust and long-lasting. SweGaN’s materials enable the devices to have longer lifetimes and lower power consumption thanks to our outstanding thermal management.

Photo of a satellite in space
Photo of a celltower


On-the-move communication systems are a growing need, whether for civilian or military purposes. But on-the-move also means major limitations in terms of size and weight. Our materials’ impressive output power and very low memory effect pave the way for small and high-efficiency telecommunication devices, enabling true worldwide connectivity.


Precise detection and fast communication are two requirements for the efficiency of any armed force. GaN-based sensors guarantee state-of-the-art accuracy and resolution. SweGaN’s improved thermal management allow longer device lifetime and our high-power density finally eliminates the need to compromise between size and output power.

Photo of naval ships
Photo courtesy of Saab AB