Enable 5G technology

Tackling the highly coveted 5G can not be considered without real technological improvements. The output power and the energy-efficiency shown by existing materials can not match the ones required for the new network, and actual solutions remain too expensive to meet volume production. Considering these issues, companies and research laboratories from seven countries join forces within the « 5G-GaN2 » project. Together, they aim at developing keys elements, from semiconductors to integrated circuits, which will allow the implementation of the new powerful 5G network.

Photo of the ISS
Photo of a wafer

SweGaN contribution

The remarkable characteristics measured on SweGaN’s materials are tackling the concerns raised by opening new possibilities on device design, allowing a greater efficiency and realibility. Thus, SweGaN is contributing to this innovative project by putting its technology at the service of research, supplying epiwafers based on GaN-on-SiC for high frequencies. Last but not least, SweGaN’s contribution is also centering around the constant research and development of our materials required to reach the goals fixed within the project.